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Sala de Reuniones

Higher. Bigger.


2022 Challenges.


1) Advanced


Provide product superiority, improve product performance, improve profitability or lower costs, and development of sustainable/sustainable materials.


2) Consumer's


Innovative solutions or tools to increase consumer loyalty.


3) Direct to


Solutions to become leaders in electronic commerce (D2C).

Impulso20 & Unity Program Stages.

Stage 1. Applications & Scouting

At this stage, we identify startups and scaleups that are seeking to grow their business
in Latin America through collaboration with Essitv and Grupo Familia.

Scouting is conducted trougthout the Americas, with a main focus on Latin America
The first sessions and most of the program is executed digitally (videoconference),
with some face-to-face exceptions (under prior notice).

January 14 to March 25, 2022

Stage 2. Selection Day

The pre-selected startups and scaleups will receive the invitation to participate in the selection event, which aims for each of the startups and scaleups to make a pitch to the evaluation committee formed by Essity and Grupo Familia executives.

April 20, 2022

Stage 3. Program

Our program is focused on the development and implementation of a pilot test whose objective is to validate the technology or the solution proposed by the startup with the help of our collaborators, having as deliverable a proposal to join our value chain, through a supplier, alliance, etc.​

Prior to the commitment to run the pilot, the scope, resources, KPIs, legal expectations, times and deliverables are aligned and defined together. This stage is strengthened with talks, workshops, conferences, consultancies and mentoring by managers and directors who are part of the Essity, Grupo Familia and Bluebox Mentor Network.

June 6 to December 5, 2022

Stage 4. Demo Day

Our Demo day is the day on which we close the acceleration program and in which each of the participating startups and scaleups will make a final pitch showing the CEO and vice presidents of our company the results obtained from the pilot test, as well as the technical and commercial advances obtained during the program. 

June 6 to December 5, 2022

A program full of benefits to boost your startup.

Economic support for the implementation of the pilot within Essity/Grupo Familia.

Essity/Family Group Multifunctional Team assigned to the pilot to ensure its success.

Reviews, feedback and support from the Region Leadership team to ensure focus and agility in the pilot. 

Conferences, workshops, talks and mentoring given by Managers and Directors of Bluebox, our ally in this program. 

Link with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and access to other regions and categories of Essity in the world. 

Final pitch on the Demo Day before our directors, with the possibility of establishing a supplier relationship, commercial alliance, among others.

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