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What are the characteristics of a startup/scaleup that you want to apply to Impulso20 & Unity?


2 years or less of creation.

● It must be legally constituted in its country of origin and be in order with fiscal commitments.

Have recurring sales.

Have a cross functional team.

Have their own production capacity or well established suppliers.


+ 2 years of operation.

It must be legally constituted in its country of origin.

● It must have a defined business model and a portfolio of established clients.hed clients.


What elements are considered to participate in Impulso 20 & Unity Program?

● Identification of Problem or Opportunity: The project identifies a clear, real and measurable problem or is aligned with a challenge search defined in the call.

● Value proposition: The project presents a clear and innovative value proposition that clearly solves or addresses the problem.

● Market opportunity: There is a clearly identified target customer and has a high market potential.

● Business model: A correct way of monetizing the product that generates value for the client or consumer has been identified.

● Differentiation: The value proposition is unique or with innovative elements within its sector compared to its competition.

● Degree of development: The startup / scaleup has the technical, operational and financial capacities to collaborate with Essity and / or Grupo Familia in this pilot test.

● Team: The team has the ability and knowledge to scale the company, the commitment of the entrepreneurs to the success of the company is perceived.

● Scalability: He business model has the potential to scale globally and the team is perceived as capable of scaling it.

● Collaboration potential: The startup is aligned with the objectives pursued by Essity and / or Grupo Familia and has joint business potential.


How does the application process work?

You can apply at the official Impulso20 & Unity website, or send an email to to schedule a call and answer all your questions. You will be asked to fill out an application form which is important to complete, if the form is incomplete the application will not be considered.

*Filling time between 15 and 25 minutes.


​How does the selection process work?

The applications with the greatest potential to collaborate with Essity or Grupo Familia are chosen. The applications are selected by an assigned committee made up of managers and directors of the company.


​Where will the pilot tests be run?

The pilot will be run digitally, with the possibility of running it in any of the countries where Essity and Grupo Familia have a presence. It will be justified case by case.


Will the program be digital or face-to-face?

The program is digital, only the Selection Event and in some particular cases, it will be indicated if it is necessary to be face-to-face. It will be communicated in advance and prior notice in each case.


​Does the whole team participate in the program?

It is considered important to assign a person in charge to run the pilot test, and this person will have contact with the rest of the team. The recommended profile is a founder who can make decisions and has general knowledge of the startup.


Is financial support provided for travel expenses during the program?

We do not We do not provide financial resources for travel expenses, in the event that a face-to-face visit is required, it is important that the startups selected for the program have economic stability to be able to cover the costs of traveling to any of the countries where Essity or Grupo Familia have a presence.

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